4-Stroke Stator Kits

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Rex's XT kits - Options for timing to be adjusted on the CDi unit 

- no need to remove the flywheel every time an adjustment is needed!

XT500 Kits

Our best selling XT500 ignition is the 12 volt the "Field & Tarmac" kit (RMK-2-12V).  You never know with the XT if you'll find one on the road or being used off road! No matter what the use we have an ignition kit to suit.

This kit replaces points with reliable electronic ignition and brighter 12 volt lighting. You get electronic timing curves that release more power from your engine and give much easier starting. The ignition is self generating so does not need a battery.  All the wiring is designed to be plug and play with standard wiring looms.

Converting to electronic ignition & bright 12 volt lighting has never been easier.

Rex's kits just bolt on, plug in and go!

For those who want more............Full Power Competition Kits

Rex's Speed Shop is the home of the unique "Dual Power" electronic ignition stator. It's output is so significantly higher than any single source stator it is the only option we supply as serious competition equipment. From kick start to full throttle the Dual Power produces more power. Full stop. 


-Our "Dual Power" Competition ignitions need no other wiring on the bike at all.

-You can add a "Dual Power" option to road kits for bolt on performance, above standard electronic ignition.

-All our stator kits are self generating, they do not need a charging system or battery 

-The "Dual Power" is the easiest starting ignition with 50% more power at kick start than ANY other system

All our competition ignitions are "Dual Power"

(because once you've tried it you won't want anything less)


Important: All our 12 volt kits are designed for use with standard wiring looms only. They are not intended to be used with home made wiring systems. We supply Kedo wiring looms if you need a replacement.

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