XT500 12 Volt Conversion

XT500 12 Volt Conversion Kit Instructions K92016 and K92526

  • All wire colours refer to the XT500 German model
  • Remove the Battery. (disconnect the negative terminal first)
  • Replace all Bulbs and the horn
  • For kit K92526 Replace Headlamp inset and connect wires as follows:  56b/blue wire = High Beam (yellow on wiring loom),    56b/white wire = Low Beam (green),   31/green cable = negative (black)
  • Remove the regulator and Rectifier and isolate the remaining wires (those remain unconnected)
  • Fasten the new regulator, refer to the instructions in the manual.
  • Replace Flasher Relay: terminal “L” has to be connected to the turn signal switch (brown/white), “x” to positive (brown. The vibration damper must be used this is obligatory!!
  • Disconnect the wiring loom of the generator and neutral switch. 
  • Dismantle the generator cover and rotor/magnet wheel. Disconnect the ground terminal of the lighting coil (this is the larger of the two coils) from the ground eyelet (Caution: the wire can easily break, now solder this wire to one of the new white wires. Note the wire is isolated with paint which has to be scraped off carefully for soldering. Insulate the soldered joint carefully with heat shrink tubing or similar.
  • Fix the new cable to the existing cables by stabbing a small hole into the rubber grommet. Make sure that the cable cannot be damaged during installation or riding.
  • Route the cable up to the regulator.
  • The generator, generator cover and the wire to the neutral switch can be re-connected.
  • Disconnect the White and Yellow wire coming from the generator remove and redirect to regulator/rectifier (extend if necessary). The Black/white and the blue wire stay in the plug.
  • Connect the three wires coming from the generator (the new one, the white one and the yellow one) to the regulator/rectifier. (~ ports)
  • Connect the two red wires to the terminal after the fuse. Please check that the fuse is placed between the battery and this terminal . Connect both wires to the regulator/rectifier (Batt + ports)
  • Connect the black wire to the “-“ battery terminal and to the regulator rectifier (“Batt –“ ports)
  • Connect the yellow wire at the generator plug to switched + 12V current, e.g. the brown wire at the flasher relay.
  • Connect the generator plug.
  • Check again that both “Batt+”   ports at the regulator rectifier are connected correctly.
  • Check again all connectors and wires, fill the battery (needs about 30 minutes to be charged) and set all switches to “OFF” position.
  • Connect Battery to the bike (+ first –second) Any Sparks occurring when connecting indicates faulty wiring.
  • Function Check of the complete electrical equipment: In case of failure switch off the main switch. Keep the test time short to prevent discharging the battery!
  • Start the engine and check the battery charge (e.g. at the intensity of the tail light). Charging starts at about 2,500 rpm. Do Not Overheat the engine!!
  • Check Alignment of head light


That’s it!      Remember that the generator output is still 70W, so it might be necessary to re charge the battery externally in case if often short trips.

The lighting is now fed by the battery, so it works even with the engine switched off. For longer battery life switch on the light after starting the engine first.