Decal/Sticker Installation guide

Decals/Stickers, such as our XT500 Replica-side cover decals, tank decals, etc. can be applied in
using the "wet method". 

We recommend to proceed as follows:

1   Before processing please store the stickers spread out a few hours at room temperature.

2  The surfaces to be glued must be clean and free of grease. Stickers and surfaces should have room temperature.

3  Mix some water (about 0.5 liters) with some splashes of dishwashing liquid.

4  Moisten the surfaces to be glued abundantly with this soapy water.

5  Remove the protection film gently from the sticky side of the label and moisten the adhesive surface also
 with soapy water.

6  Place the decal on the surface, but do not yet firmly press.

7  Align the label floating on the water.

8  Once the position is correct, fix the label at its centre and press out the water from the center to the outside, using e.g.  a clean, soft cloth.
Remaining smaller bubbles will disappear over time by themselves, therefore please do not puncture!

9  Since the sticker is not resistant to gasoline and other solvents, we recommend to paint with clear lacquer.